Pam Driesell

Senior Pastor

Pam is our head-of-staff, directional leader, and moderator of our Session. She preaches at a majority of our worship services.

Education: B.S. from James Madison University; M.A.L.S. from Hollins University; M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary

Previous Line of Work: Planted Oconee Presbyterian Church in Watkinsville, GA

Hobbies: Watching independent movies, traveling, and spending time with my sons Ty and Walker and my husband Joe

Favorite Book: Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke

Favorite Music: Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen

Favorite Vacation Destination: Stonington, Maine

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Erin McGee

Associate Pastor of Children & Family Ministries

Erin wants to live in a world that makes honesty, gratefulness and kindness top priorities and chocolate, coffee, and naps daily expectations.

As Minister of Word and Sacrament, now Teaching Elder, in the PC (USA) for 19 years, Erin has served churches in South Carolina and Texas in the areas of education, mission, fellowship, worship leadership and pastoral care, as well as editing the Presbyterian curriculum, We Believe. She is Trinity’s second longest installed pastor, serving as the Associate Pastor for Children and Their Families for over 11 years. Erin is a Masters of Divinity graduate from Austin Presbyterian Seminary where she was recognized as a Jean Brown scholar and recipient of the John Spragens award in Christian Education, and is a Bachelors of Arts graduate from Davidson College, where she gained a love of learning and laundry services.

Erin is the parent to teenagers Hannah and Jonathan. You will find her chaperoning the marching band, coordinating transportation to fencing tournaments or pick-up football games, advocating for adoption and adoptive families, cooking Indian food, learning new photography skills, refereeing the dogs and the cat, and dreaming of the Western mountains.

“It is a privilege to be invited into the lives of children and their families as they grow in faith, conquer the challenges of life, and recognize their own belovedness in the world.”



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Andrew Esqueda

Director of Youth and Family Ministries

Andrew looks forward to living in a world where the temperature is always 76 degrees, the West Coast is recognized as the best coast, schedules manage themselves, and the plural of "moose" is (as it should be) "meese".

Andrew has worked in Youth and Family Ministries for the last 10 years. Before coming to Trinity, Andrew served as Director of High School Ministry at Roswell Presbyterian Church. He has a keen interest in the study of theology and its integration into Youth and Family Ministries. Andrew is a regular contributor to the Progressive Youth Ministry blog and a seminar leader at the Progressive Youth Ministry Conference, co-organizer of Open Atlanta, and has twice presented at the Northwest Region of the American Academy of Religion.

Andrew loves spending time with his two-year-old son and wife. He is often found reading theology and philosophy at any number of craft coffee shops around the Atlanta area. He is a self-proclaimed foodie, coffee snob, and connoisseur of all things fine and delicious.



Tom Farmer

Pastoral Associate for Senior Adult Ministries

As the Chief Prime Timer on the staff, Tom enjoys a couple days of work each week in pastoral care for our senior members and five days of Sabbath to make up for those missed through the years.

Tom is a native Virginian, holds degrees from Hampden-Sydney College, Union Presbyterian Seminary and Chicago Theological Seminary. In a forty year career he served as pastor of churches in Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina and Texas.

He enjoys traveling with his wife, Martha, and is still an inquirer on the golf course.



Richard Floyd

Interim Associate Pastor

Ordained in the PC(USA), Richard brings with him 14 years’ experience serving parishes both here and outside Chicago. He recently earned his PhD in theology from Emory and has contributed several essays to the Feasting on the Word and Feasting on the Gospels series. His recently published a book, Down to Earth: Christian Hope for Climate Change, has received high praise from scholars and theologians.



Jenelle Holmes

Director of Young Adult Ministries

Jenelle spends most of her days attempting to love as many people, places, and things as possible, including her family, the latest Mary Oliver poetry book, and the amazing ingenuity of young adults and curious communities of faith.

She studies writing at Whitworth University; spent a few years wrangling 8th graders and teaching English class; and after having two kids of her own, started a new adventure at Emory University where she received a Master of Divinity and worked for the Candler Writing Center and Admissions. She has a particular affinity for young adults, being one herself, but she also deeply appreciates the ingenuity and energy that emerging generations bring to religion and church identity. She has been the Director of Young Adult Ministries at Trinity since 2015.

Jenelle loves all things that occur in the evening: reading, sharing meals, drinking Washington red wines, going for long strolls through the neighborhood, and falling asleep while reading. Most of these activities are done in the company of her spouse, son, and daughter. She's from Washington State but has a deep affection for Atlanta's sunshine, diversity, and restaurants.



Norman Mackenzie

Director of Music and Fine Arts

Norman has been the Director of Music and Fine Arts at Trinity since 1983. He oversees a comprehensive program including several singing and ringing choirs and two concert series. He also serves as the Director of Choruses for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, where his work led to Grammy Awards from the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in 2003, 2005, and 2007. He also maintains an active solo recital and guest conducting schedule. 

Education: B.A. from the University of Arts; M.A. from Westminster Choir College

Hobbies: Watching Braves baseball

Previous Places of Work: The Church of the Redeemer in Bryn Mawr, PA, and 10th Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA

(404) 495-8430


John Ryan

Interim Director of Adult Ministries

John provides junior high, high school and college students with opportunities to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Education: B.A. from Westminster College; M.A.C.E. from Presbyterian School of Christian Education; D.Ed.Min. from Columbia Theological Seminary 

Most People Don't Know This About Me: When I was little, I wanted to be an elevator operator

On The Weekend I Like To: Bike the Silver Comet Trail

Random Fact: When I was 3 or 4, my picture went out in an AP wire story


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George Stroup

Theologian in Residence

George Stoup first studied history at Rice University before attending Yale Divinity School. He pursued his Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University. He is a renowned theologian in the PCUSA, having devoted 40 years to preparing ministers to be theological practitioners at Princeton, Austin, and Columbia seminaries. He was on the General Assembly Committee on the Inclusion of the Belhar Confession in the Book of Confessions, the General Assembly Select Committee on a Brief Confession of Faith, and The Council on Theology and Culture.