Adult Church School

Sunday mornings at 9:45 am


August 20 - All Adults – Theology Throwdown Round 2, Williams Hall

August 27 – All Adults – Townhall Forum, Williams Hall

September 3 – No Adult Education Classes

September 10 – October 15 – Session 1

October 22 – All Adults - Grace and Gratitude

October 29 – All Adults – Reformation


Session 1




Reformation – Then and Now

Rooms B-104 and B-106

Speaker: Rev. Dr. George Stroup, Theologian in Residence

On October 31, 1517, an obscure Augustinian monk nailed 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenburg inviting theological debate of the church’s practice of selling “indulgences”. That event led to a revolution in how Christian faith was understood (theology) and how it was lived and practiced in the church and in civil society. We will examine some of the central figures and the theological issues of the Reformation, and we will explore the question: 500 years later, what is the legacy of the Reformation of the 16th century for the 21st century?

September 10 -- Martin Luther: By Grace Alone, By Scripture Alone

September 17 -- Reformation in Zurich: Huldrych Zwingli and Heinrich Bullinger

September 24 -- John Calvin, French Refugee and Theologian

October 1 -- John Calvin’s Theology

October 8 -- John Knox and the Reformation in Scotland

October 15 -- Reformed Tradition in the 21st Century



Faith in the City

Room B-110

This series offers a glimpse into a variety of issues facing our dynamic, growing, and complex city. Come hear civil servants, elected officials, and city leaders on the front lines of Atlanta’s success and growth, dire needs, and crises. How do people of faith respond to the many issues in the City of Atlanta? Note that Trinity is hosting a Mayoral Forum on October 19th in preparation for the City of Atlanta’s mayoral election in November.

September 10 – State of our City - Speaker: Yolanda Adrean, Atlanta City Council Representative, District 8

September 17 – City in the Future - Speaker: Commissioner Tim Keane, City of Atlanta Department of Planning

September 24 – TBD

October 1 – Addressing Atlanta's Vulnerable Populations - Speaker: Linda Ross, Senior Director of Strategy and Development for City of Refuge

October 8 – Moving the City Forward with Rapid Transit - Speaker: Robert L. Ashe III, Chairman of the Board of Directors for MARTA

October 15 – How does a faithful Presbyterian respond to issues in the City? 



The Gifts of Being Imperfect

Room B-108

Speaker: Rev. Erin McGee, Assoc. Pastor of Children and Family Ministries

CFM parents live their lives through the lenses of being a parent, a spouse, an adult, and a child of God. Come join the conversation about these different glasses we wear. The first 15-20 minutes of each class is reserved for socializing, fellowship, and nurturing friendships over coffee (bring your own or fill up at church before class). You are never too late to show up for this class. Parents of babies, preschoolers, and elementary kids - yes, everyone is welcome!

September 10th – What? Crazy Questions Children Ask

September 17th – Practically Perfect in Every Way - This only works for Mary Poppins!

September  24th - October 15th – Let’s Talk


Mark Twain’s Religious Satire

Room B-112

Speaker: Dr. Gina Caison, Assistant Professor of English, Georgia State University

While many people remember Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) as the author of the “boys’ books” The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, few realize that he also wrote religious satire. This class covers Twain’s religious writings and biblical satire in order to understand how humor and the questioning of faith might help save what the author himself frequently referred to as “the damned human race”. Along the way we will examine Twain’s use of literary form as well as his autobiographical writings to help illuminate our discussions.



Coffee and Connections

Williams Hall C 

How do we navigate the transitions in our lives, from aging parents, to mid-life soul searching, to children growing up? How do we nourish ourselves spiritually?

The Coffee and Connections class will explore the themes of personal faith and spiritual nourishment. The format is discussion based and participation is encouraged. To foster friendship and fellowship among attendees, special coffee is served and the first 15-20 minutes is reserved for socializing.