Mission Focus Areas

Local Community Ministry

BCM Food Drive


Entire Month of October 2017 and April 2018

Every month Buckhead Christian Ministry provides food and toiletries to more than 1,600 people in need, entirely from donations. Throughout April, we need your help to fill the BCM-marked barrels around the church with the following critically needed items (smaller, easily transportable packages preferred):

• Food: Instant oatmeal or grits, peanut butter, jelly, soup, dried beans, rice, cornbread mix, macaroni,  

   & cheese, chicken broth, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, canned vegetables, canned tuna

• Hygiene Items: Shampoo, conditioner, soap/body wash, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, mouthwash

   and dental floss, razors, lotion, deodorant, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, diapers (sizes 3,4, and 5) and


For more information, contact Sarah Wikle at



Agape Community Center

Agape serves the needs of children, families, and seniors in northwest Atlanta.  It achieves this mission by providing daily academic support to more than 200 children, from primarily Latino/Hispanic families (88%), and offering family services focused on character development, academic achievement, reading proficiency by third grade, successful high school graduation, and post-graduation placement.   

Agape always needs Homework Buddies to work with students 1 hour per week. Agape needs volunteers to bring dinner to the students. Without Agape providing the meal, many of the students would go hungry. To sign up, go to

For more information contact Leslie Carroll at


Refugee Resettlement

Since 2007, we have helped 13 refugee families from 10 different countries resettle in Atlanta.  Through Trinity's annual Christmas Market Gifts for Good collections, funds have been donated by congregation members to help families buy food, MARTA passes, and household goods. 


Furniture - Kitchen/dining table-kitchen/dining chairs-chests of drawers-sofa-upholstered chairs-coffee table-end tables-night stands-outdoor table/chairs-cribs-table lamps-floor lamps

Bedrooms - bedroom sheet sets (queen, double and twin) - pillows-blankets-queen, double and twin comforter-bedspreads-hangers-waste baskets-mattress pads

Miscellaneous - vacuum cleaner-ironing board-car seats (new)-office supplies (pens, scotch tape, pads of paper, scissors)-flashlights, batteries, children's books-soccer/basketball

Kitchen - kitchen dishes-glasses-mugs/cups-flatware-salt & pepper shakers-serving bowls-food storage containers-can opener- manual mixing bowls-cookie sheets-muffin tins-cake and loaf pans-mixer-saucepans, pots, and skillets-rice cooker-coffee p ot-coffee filters-mixing/serving spoons-spatula-large carving knives-cutting boards-dish towels/cloths-toaster or toaster oven-trash can-platters

Bathroom Accessories - bath towels-hand towels-wash cloths-bath mats-shower curtain-shower curtain liner-hooks-waste basket-toilet tissue-toilet brush-bathroom/general cleaners-sponges-Q-Tips-boxes of tissues

Personal Hygiene - tissues-combs/brushes-bars of soap-shampoos-shaving cream-disposable razors-deodorant-toothbrushes-toothpaste-feminine hygiene products-band-aids-thermometer-first aid kit-laundry basket-antiseptic ream-shower cap-nail clippers-emery boards

Cleaning Supplies - paper towels-napkins-broom/dust mop-bucket-dish drainer-trash bags-laundry detergent-dish washing liquid-kitchen cleanser-pot holders-pot scrubbers-rubber gloves

Electronics - microwave-radio/clock radio-television-telephone-computer-alarm clock

Trinity members continue to be engaged in the lives of this and other refugee families as they work to build new lives in Atlanta.  If you are interested in becoming involved in this important mission, please contact Laurie Buchmiller or at (770-365-3286) or Sarah Wikle at


Gun Violence Faith Values

The Gun Violence/Faith Values committee formed in response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  The group has grown into the interfaith, statewide movement, OUTCRY:  Interfaith Voices Against Gun Violence.  Learn more about OUTCRY at

As people of faith, we add a unique voice to the epidemic of gun violence in our communities.  Our committee works to implement the four pillars of OUTCRY:

     We REMEMBER the victims of gun violence and that all life is sacred.

     We PRAY, with our congregations, for an end to gun violence.

     We EDUCATE our communities and leaders about solutions.

     We ADVOCATE for common sense gun laws that make our communities and sanctuaries safe.

Our committee has grown to include members of different faith communities throughout the metro Atlanta area.  We typically meet every other month at Trinity on a weekday morning at 7:45 a.m.  Join us as we seek to make God's love visible by creating communities built on love and respect and not violence and fear.

Ministry Team Co-Chairs: Jamie Brownlee / Joe Loveland


Global Mission                                  


For over twenty years Trinity has been in partnership with LaPlaya Presbyterian Church and the Theological Seminary in Matanzas, Cuba. Over the years we have worked together to provide clean drinking water in Matanzas, built additions to La Playa Presbyterian Church and completed dormitories and other buildings at the Seminary.  Our work continues as we seek to deepen and further our relationship with our brothers and sisters in Cuba.  Each winter a mission team journey’s to Cuba to explore the Cuban context through four lenses: religion, culture, government, and education.  The team spends significant time in Havana exploring the cultural and historical layers of Cuba. The team then travels to Matanzas to visit with our partners and continue our work at LaPlaya and the Seminary.  Join God’s transformative work in Cuba, as we continue to work to build a bridge between our two countries.

Ministry Team Co-Chairs: Steven Darst (, Janet Edwards (

2018 Trip Registration



For updated information about the situation on the island of La Gonave post-hurricane Matthew, visit the La Gonave Haiti Partners Facebook  page:


Facebook page


The island of LaGonave, Haiti is home to more than 100,000 people, most living in extreme poverty. Trinity Church is a member of the LaGonave Haiti Partnership, a “ministry of presence” and a community development partnership between the people of LaGonave, the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti and a group of Presbyterian, Episcopal, and independent churches in the U.S. We work together on:

  • Education 
  • Healthcare 
  • Nutrition
  • Agriculture 
  • Water 
  • Economic Opportunity

U.S. partners respond to the needs identified by our Haitian partners by contributing financial support and helping to define programs and projects that empower Haitians in the building of sustainable communities and the development of a skilled workforce. These programs and initiatives provide jobs to more than 200 people on an island with greater than 90% unemployment. 

Trinity's primary focus on LaGonave is a partnership with St. Francois, the flagship school of the Episcopal church for the island of LaGonave. St. Francois educates more than 450 children in grades PreK - 12 and is one of only a few secondary schools on the island. Our support helps ensure that teachers are paid and that students receive a hot lunch. Additional support goes to school supplies and textbooks, teacher training, and repairs and improvements to classrooms and facilities. In October 2015, a teacher residence building was completed with Trinity’s support.

We also focus on healthcare, nutrition, agriculture, and sustainable energy. 

There are many ways to be part of this exciting and meaningful partnership: 

  • Pray for the students and teachers at St. Francois School and the people of LaGonave
  • Spread the word through your circles and networks - civic groups, professional organizations, work colleagues and social groups and encourage them to support our Haiti mission.
  • Involve your child's classroom, school club, scout troop in supporting a particular class at St. Francois, or a program on LaGonave
  • Does your company make matching gifts?  LaGonave Haiti is a 501 (c)(3) organization so gifts are tax-deductible.
  • Set up an Amazon Smile account at no cost and support LaGonave Haiti Partners every time you shop on Amazon. 

You can also join in God's transformative work on the island of LaGonave by traveling there as part of a joint mission team with members of our local partner church, Shallowford Presbyterian, Atlanta. Group size is limited to 10 persons.

Please note: The conditions on this trip are physically challenging.  Haiti is a site of the Zika virus.  Women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant are advised not to travel there at this time.

Upcoming dates:


  • November 8 - 18, 2017
  • April 5 - 12, 2018
  • November 13 - 20, 2018
  • April 11 - 18, 2019


Ministry Team Chairs:  Julie Hope,

Co-Chairs:  Barbara Robertson,                      

                 Kurt Swensson,


Denominational Ministry

Church of the 21st Century

Ministry Chair:
John Tirrill, 



April 2, after 11 am worship, will be the first Sunday congregation wide luncheon. In honor of Earth Day later that month, we will talk about sustainability endeavors the church is tackling as well as major enterprises occurring around the state. Trinity member Trey Gibbs, of Hannah Solar, will be discussing the latest efforts of the solar industry within the state of Georgia and how you can benefit from the current policy. We will also introduce the team from Georgia Tech who is partnering with Trinity on the university’s Carbon Reduction Challenge.  The team is working with Property to make energy efficient improvements that reduce consumption as well as saves the church money. In addition, they will be presenting a congregational challenge for the month of April that involves lifestyle changes that will reduce personal carbon footprint. At the end of the semester, the team that executes the largest carbon reduction strategy will be invited to Washington DC to present their results to lawmakers on Capitol Hill! 

Sustainability works with all focus areas, including committees outside of the Mission Ministry.

Ministry Team Chair: John Hitchins,




What if I have a group that fits in the Mission Focus Areas but outside of the Ministry Team listed above?
How do I start a Cultivation Team?

Each Mission Council Member will also serve as a liaison to Mission Council for a Focus Area. If you have an interest in a group outside of the Ministry Teams for 2016-2017, please reach out directly to the Mission Council Member serving in the Focus Areas: 

Advocacy: Frank Fuerst 

Local Community: Peter Barratt

Global Missions: Julie Hope

Denominational: Joe Tirrill

Sustainability: John Hitchins

Engagement: Marcy Clerveaux