This Lent season we’re inviting Trinity members to join neighborhood small groups as we explore Bonhoeffer’s book Life Together. This book explores the many different ways we as Christians worship, sing, pray, and do life in community.  These groups will meet once a week throughout the six weeks of Lent, reading one chapter a week and discussing reflection questions written by the clergy. If you choose not to join a small group, you may still participate in the study by following along with the study guide below.

The reflection and questions will be sent via email on Sundays and will also be available online and in hard copy on Sunday mornings throughout the church.


Week 1: March 5



Week 2: March 12



Week 3: March 19

The Day with Others


Week 4: March 26

The Day Alone


Week 5: April 2



Week 6: April 9

Confession and Communion