Spiritual Formation


Spiritual Formation refers to the growth and development of an individual listening for God by intentional observance of spiritual practices -- such as prayer, reading Scripture, confession, and service. These practices often result in the opportunity for participants to articulate their interior life, and to learn from others who are doing the same. The purpose of spiritual formation is to remain conscious of how you are being formed by God -- and to continue taking that consciousness out into the world to glorify God’s kingdom.



All over the place: at Church School, on mission projects, in worship, Bible Studies, discussion groups,  committee meetings – every encounter we have offers a window into listening for God.  The following weekday gatherings aim to provide adults with a wide range of opportunities for cultivating our awareness of God, for deepening our relationships at Trinity, and for staying awake to the Holy among us at church and in the world.



Bible Studies

Bible Studies offer a window into listening for God. These studies are dedicated to building a stronger faith.

Reflection Groups

Reflection Groups represent opportunities for members to form deepening friendships with people at similar stages of life while listening to God through the observance of spiritual practices. Hearts and minds are engaged in meaningful conversation as participants reflect on the Bible’s narrative, our culture’s narrative, and the narrative of our own lives.

Topical Groups

Trinity offers Topical Groups to acknowledge the synergy and revelations that occur in community when addressing topics relevant to our time and culture.


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