Youth Church School

Our Sunday morning theme this year is "Know and Be Known"!

Building D, second floor, Youth Lounge

Join us at 9:45 a.m. for donuts, hot chocolate, cappuccinos and fellowship! At 10 a.m. we will do announcements before we separate into middle school and high school groups. Each week we'll have a short lesson, usually led by Andrew and Olivia, then we'll discuss the topic as a group or split into smaller groups.

In the fall, we'll be exploring what it means to know God and be known by God. Second semester we'll talk about what it means to know and be known by others.

Sunday mornings start on August 20. We will not meet on the mornings of Sept 3, Dec 24, Dec 31, April 1. Our last Sunday morning for the year is May 20, 2018.