Pastoral Transition

Trinity Presbyterian Church is seeking a new senior pastor -- our fifth in the church's 70-year history. We are excited and hopeful about where God will lead us as we embark on this important step for our congregation.

We are currently in Phase 3.


Phase 1 - Search for Interim Pastor


Interim Pastor Responsibilities

Hiring an interim pastor is the responsibility of the Session, which named the following members to an Interim Pastor Hiring Committee: Lesley Carroll (chair), Bert Broadfoot, Steve Karasick, Allen Moseley, Susan Reese, Sarah Shoup and Juanita Watson.

An interim pastor is responsible for:

  • Leading the church and congregation through a process of reviewing and coming to terms with its history

  • Identifying and naming unresolved and potential sources of conflict in the congregation

  • Preparing the church for new leadership


Phase 2 - Interim Process

  • Formal work to come to terms with church's history
  • Identify unresolved sources of conflict


PNC Nominations

Nominations were held March 1-31, 2021 to nominate members of the church for the Pastor Nominating Committee to seek Trinity’s next (and 5th) Senior Pastor. 


Small Group Conversations

In March members of the Way Forward team held in-person conversations about the search for a senior pastor. 



Phase 3 - Search for Senior Pastor

  • Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) elected by the congregation
  • PNC operates concurrently with Interim Pastor

A Pastor Nominating Committee was elected in May 2021.


Phase 4 - New Senior Pastor

  • PNC presents final candidate for congregational vote
  • Transition from Interim Pastor to new Senior Pastor

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