Commonly Asked Search Process Questions

General Questions

Where can I obtain information about the search process and what to expect?
  • In worship: Listen for announcements and check the bulletin
  • On the web: Click the “Pastoral Transition” button on the Trinity Website
  • Emails from the church: Watch for articles on the search process in the monthly Trinity Times newsletter or specific emails from the PNC


Where can I direct furth questions or submit names for potential senior pastor candidates?

Phase 3: Search for Senior Pastor

Who determines the members of the Pastor Nominating Committee?

Every year, the congregation elects a Representative Nominating Committee (RNC). If a pastor search is needed at any point during the year, the RNC solicits names for a PNC from the congregation. The RNC makes a list of possible nominees, vets those candidates and determines their willingness to serve. The congregation then votes on the RNC slate for the PNC at a congregational meeting.


How can I have input into the selection of our new Senior Pastor?

You may submit names of possible Senior Pastor candidates to the PNC for consideration.



Phase 4: New Senior Pastor

How long will this take?

The process to elect a new pastor can take up to 2 years, although there is no set time limit.


Will the congregation know who has applied to be Senior Pastor?

No. Reviewing candidates is a confidential process.


Will the congregation be kept informed of the search process?

Yes, the PNC will have general updates on the search progress.


Will the PNC write a profile of the kind of person needed to be our new Senior Pastor?

The PNC will complete a Ministry Information Form (MIF). In addition to a description of the church, this form has lists of leadership competencies and experiences required for the position. The Session and the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta must approve the MIF.


How does the PNC find candidates?

There are various ways: The PC(USA) has an electronic matching website that will connect pastor’s Personal Information Forms (PIF), similar to a resume, with our MIF. The congregation, Presbytery, seminaries and clergy colleagues will all suggest candidates. Finally, the PNC may research and recruit potential candidates.


If I know a candidate I would like to be considered, what should I do?

Tell a PNC member. Ask your potential candidate to submit a Personal Information Form (PIF) to the PNC.The PIF is similar to a resume. The PNC will review any PIFs submitted.


Does the Presbytery have to approve the Senior Pastor?

Yes, a "suitability of call meeting" will be held with the candidate, the PNC, and select members of the Presbytery's Committee on Ministry. The Committee on Ministry may have additional information about the candidate that is helpful and have advice on making a smooth transition.