September 23, 2019 - Initial ZOOM Interviews Conducted, Three Candidtes Invited for Face-to-Face Interviews

The IPHC has spoken with over 50 people to find the best candidates for our interim pastor. The Committee is thrilled to report that by the end of September, they will have conducted initial Zoom interviews of three outstanding candidates and expect to invite them to come to Atlanta for face-to-face interviews in October. Given the candidates’ schedules, we expect that an interim pastor would not start at Trinity until at least January.


September 9, 2019 - IPHC Sets Up Initial Interviews with Internal and External Candidates

The Interim Pastor Hiring Committee has been hard at work and meeting regularly. Over the last several weeks, committee members have spoken with leading Presbyterian ministers and Trinity friends and solicited recommendations for interim pastor candidates. The committee is excited about the extremely well-qualified and diverse pool of candidates. The committee is setting up initial interviews with internal and external candidates and will continue to search for others. The committee is committed to finding the best candidates, with God’s help. If you have any suggestions, please contact Lesley Carroll at


September 11, 2019 - Update from the Acting Senior Pastor - "It's an ironic habit of human beings to run faster when they have lost their way." --Rollo May


August 16, 2019 - IPHC Finalizes Job Description for Interim Pastor

The Interim Pastor Hiring Committee (IPHC) met August 14th and finalized the job description for the Interim Pastor. We will be doing a national search after the Session approves a Ministry Information Form (MIF).  We are considering candidates and will start scheduling initial interviews shortly.  The IPHC will meet again on August 21st.  If you have questions about the interim search, please feel free to contact Lesley Carroll at 678-570-3839 or


August 14, 2019 -- Update from the Acting Senior Pastor


August 11, 2019 - Interim Search Underway 

Hiring an interim pastor is the responsibility of the Session, which named the following members to an Interim Pastor Hiring Committee: Lesley Carroll (chair), Bert Broadfoot, Steve Karasick, Allen Moseley, Susan Reese, Sarah Shoup and Juanita Watson.

This committee began its work in August 2019. It will likely take three to six months to hire an interim pastor.

An interim pastor is responsible for:

  • Leading the church and congregation through a process of reviewing and coming to terms with its history

  • Identifying and naming unresolved and potential sources of conflict in the congregation

  • Preparing the church for new leadership

The IPHC met July 31 for the first time. Joy Fisher, the Atlanta Presbytery consultant, and Steve Cashwell, the chair of the Presbytery's Committee of Ministries attended. The committee discussed the interim process and general parameters of the interim pastor position. The committee thinks that the position will have an 18-24 month contract. Lesley Carroll will draft a job description and the committee will meet 8/14 to discuss and finalize.  If you have questions about the interim search, please feel free to contact Lesley Carroll at 678-570-3839 or


July 19, 2019 -- Email Update on Progress and Next Steps following the July 15 Session Meeting


June 21, 2019 -- Next Steps in Moving Forward -- Letter from Clerks of Session & Personnel Chairs


June 14, 2019 -- Next Steps -- Letter from Clerk of Session & Personnel Chair


June 13, 2019 -- Discerning My Call -- Letter to the Congregation from Rev. Pam Driesell