Our History

Since its founding in 1949, Trinity has existed to serve God with joy and to bear witness to God’s transforming love made known in Jesus Christ. 

Led by its board of elders and its young pastor, Allison F. Williams, a son of Atlanta’s First Presbyterian Church, Trinity grew quickly. By the time its American Greek Revival Sanctuary was dedicated on June 4, 1955, Trinity counted 1,000 members. 

During the next few decades the church flourished, serving a congregation of about 1400 members. The church’s early development rested on strong preaching and teaching, first-rate music, effective children and youth ministries, and mission outreach to the community and world.

In the 1990s, Trinity became one of the leading churches in the Atlanta Presbytery and across the denomination in the addition of new members, baptism of infants and adults, and support of the denomination. Trinity's campus continued to expand with the addition of a new fellowship hall, and additional education wing. In 1991, Joanna M. Adams was called to be Trinity's second senior pastor, making Trinity the largest church in the denomination to call a woman to this office.

In 2001, Trinity once again sought to meet the growing challenge of its 2000-member congregation and expanding mission. An additional education wing, a chapel, and gymnasium were added to the facilities, as well as a greater commitment and funding of mission projects here and abroad.

Dr. Scott Black Johnston was called to be Trinity's third senior pastor in 2003. In 2008 Dr. Black Johnston accepted a call to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church and in 2010 the Rev. Pam Driesell became Trinity's fourth senior pastor. 

We are currently in an interim period before beginning our search for Trinity's fifth senior pastor. As we look to the future, we invite you to join this community of Christians who love and serve God, neighbor and world.


Our Mission

We are called to serve God with joy and to bear witness to God’s transforming love made known in Jesus Christ.  As a community led by the Spirit, we seek to Make God’s Love Visible as we:

Worship Creatively.  We believe worship is the heart of our life together. We seek to be a community of theological integrity and depth that glorifies God and proclaims the Good News with creative expressions of worship. Through word, sacrament, and music we seek to challenge the mind, nourish the spirit, honor tradition, open us to the Spirit, and address the needs of all ages, individuals, and families, sending every worshiper out to serve God’s purposes in the world.  

Welcome Intentionally.  We believe the Gospel is Good News for all people.  We practice an evangelism of intentional welcome and hospitality, inviting all into an inclusive fellowship characterized by authentic relationships and mutual respect.

Care Compassionately.  We believe that to bear one another’s burdens is to fulfill the law of Christ. We seek to build meaningful relationships with one another, caring for one another with grace, compassion, and mutual support, loving one another as Christ loves us. 

Gather Joyfully. We believe that spiritual growth and the abundant Christian life are experienced in community, not in isolation.  The psalmist reminds us that fellowship with one another is a “very good and pleasant” blessing, and the book of Acts teaches us that the first believers “spent much time together with glad and generous hearts.”  And so we gather, not only for worship, education, and service, but also for sharing life and for celebrating.   

Learn Purposefully.  We believe that lifelong learning is at the very heart of the Christian life; to be a disciple is to be a student.  We encourage intellectual inquiry and spiritual curiosity at every age, knowing that Christian unity does not require uniformity.  We believe that learning is holistic, and so we are purposefully about exploring spiritual practices that connect us to God and one another so that we may more faithfully follow in the ways of Jesus.  

Serve Wholeheartedly.  We believe in serving the common good by reaching out beyond ourselves to care for God’s creation, and to boldly address human needs through social action and advocacy.  We serve wholeheartedly as an expression of our faith, remembering that Jesus “came not to be served but to serve.” 

Lead Humbly.  We believe that we are called to cultivate servant leaders to serve in the church, the community, and the world.  We seek to lend a voice to conversations related to the most pressing local, national, and global issues of our time.  With humility, we seek to be a catalyst for renewal in the larger church and in ecumenical and interfaith partnerships that renew the world in God’s love. 

Give Generously.   We believe that generosity is the only antidote to fear and scarcity.  As stewards seeking to love God and our neighbors, we give generously of ourselves, our time, and our resources in response to God’s generosity toward us. We recognize that we are called to be responsible stewards of all God’s gifts, including our financial and natural resources, our facilities, and the gifts of our staff and members.